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Is a blood pressure of 109/ with a heart rate of on average

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Is a blood pressure of 109/69 with a heart rate of on average 63 normal for a 45 year old woman? This is at the end of the day, after consuming caffeine, etc. I am not as physically active as I used to be, so it cannot be linked to that. The reason I ask is that I've registered high blood pressure before (at my doctors office last week 140/88), but since then, my blood pressure ranges only from about 100/60 to 119/80. My thyroid has tested normal, and I'm not experiencing any low blood pressure symptoms. I am currently undergoing blood testing for possible adrenal problems due to panic attacks. I just took my pressure before sending this question and my pressure is only 114/76 with a heart rate of 66.

Hi Denise,

Your blood pressure looks perfect.

It may have been up when you were at the doctor's office because you were nervous, or a little anxious. This is a common occurrence.

Whatever other health problems you may have, you do not have a problem with your blood pressure or your heart rate.

You might want to ask your doctor what "too low" would be. You might also want to keep a log of your blood pressure if you take it at home, so you can show your doctor what your blood pressure normally runs. At this point, I wouldn't worry much about your blood pressure unless it falls below 90/50 consistently.

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