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Dr. Abby
Dr. Abby, Board Certified MD
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I bleed from my anus when i whipe and it itches when i walk

Resolved Question:

i bleed from my anus when i whipe and it itches when i walk around i go back to the bathroom shortly to whipe again and nothing but blood on the toilet paper
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Abby replied 8 years ago.

How long has this been going on?
Do you notice a bump in the anus?
Have you had constipation or have you been straining to have a bowel movement?

Dr Abby
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2-3 years no bumps i have dihrea more than often lately and i go to the bathroom alot lately weather it be a normal or direaha movement
Expert:  Dr. Abby replied 8 years ago.
Do you have pain with the bowel movements?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
but just as its coming out because the area is so inflamed
Expert:  Dr. Abby replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the additional information.

Since you are having pain with the bowel movement along with bleeding, you may have what is called an anal fissure. These are tears of the rectum that can occur after passing a hard stool.

They can be extremely painful. Treatment is to try to make sure your stools remain soft, keep the area as clean as possible, warm sitz baths (you can buy these at your local pharmacy) or if you cannot get this, you can soak in a warm tub three times per day.

If you do not have a true fissure, you may simply have anal irritation or an internal hemorrhoid.

All of these things can cause itching, pain and bleeding.

What you should do is the baths (sitz or warm soaks), apply topical hemorrhoid cream to the outside (for no more than 1 week) and make sure you have soft stools by getting enough fiber in your diet.

For itching, the hemorrhoid cream should help. Avoid citrus fruits, coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and tomatoes. These have all been found to increase anal itching in some people.

I always recommend a doctor visit for anyone who has rectal bleeding to confirm the source of the bleeding (fissure, hemorrhoid, etc).

If you have any other questions, let me know and I would be happy to discuss further.
Dr Abby
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