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Koleen Roeder A.A.A. R.N. retired
Koleen Roeder A.A.A. R.N. retired, Nurse
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My father recently died in a nursing home of CHF as a result

Resolved Question:

My father recently died in a nursing home of CHF as a result of IHD. He was fine the night before when I was with him. I was told that when they checked on him at 5:30AM he had coughed some stuff up on his top and was having shortness of breathe. They gave him some lasix and 2 back to back breathing treatments. When they checked on him 45 minutes later he was gone. What I forgot to ask is if the lungs can fill up that quickly. He had not coughed anything up in a month. Also, I wanted to ask if he was aware of what was going on or if he would have been relatively out of it. Can you offer any senerio of what happens when the lungs quickly fill up? He had several heart blockages and his lungs were bad.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Koleen Roeder A.A.A. R.N. retired replied 8 years ago.
Hello staff 2008
It is my heart that goes out to you to endure a lost of a parent. CHF is treated as you decribed. Patient's can go at any moment, no one can predict. Yes the lungs can fill up quickly especial if the pt's heart is failing.

When a pt. loses oxygen the brain gets pretty sluggish, he most likely was out of it as you so put it.

The heart goes into failure backing blood up, unable to process it as quickly as it is needed. The lungs become edematis, unable to expand and retract, less and less oxygen makes it to the brain. Slowly the body gives way.
Again I am sorry for your loss. God Bless and help you through this.

Is there anything else I can help you with?
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