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My son has had diarrhoea with a high temperature since last

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My son has had diarrhoea with a high temperature since last tuesday.He went to Spain for five days last Monday and became ill the following day.He came back on Friday and as it was a bank holiday this weekend he was only able to get to the surgery today.I have taken in stool samples for him this morning but the receptionist says that they will not get the results till friday and as he is not getting any better and is now passing diarrhoea which is has blood in I am concerned that this is a long time to wait for treatment?
Stool cultures may be ordered when the patients are having diarrhea for several days apart from blood and/or mucus in loose stools .
A stool culture is done to identify bacteria or viruses that may be causing an infection .
Stool culture test results usually take 2 to 3 days.If bacteria are found in the culture, sensitivity testing may be done to help choose the best treatment.

As such in the mean time doctors tend to prescribe symptomatic treatment like ORS or I.V fluids to prevent dehydration and to keep the patient stable .

I hope this helps
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