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I have cramps in my left hamstring. I thought it was

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Hi - I have cramps in my left hamstring. I thought it was sciatica but it may be just cramps. I recently had back surgery to free up nerves to my legs -L3/4 and L4/5 - the neurosurgeon says there is no impingement L5/S1. The cramp comes on if I sit a lot. I'm 70 next week.
Cramps in hamstring can be due to low sodium and potassium levels.Moreover it can also be due to muscle tighteneing due to staying in same posture for prolonged time.There are two things you can do take bananas and resins in your diet as source of potassium and increase your daily salt intake.Moreover avoid sitting for prolonged period in same posture.
Do a mild exercise evryday of legs lying down straight on floor and trying to extend your whole leg straight up and raise it uptill 45 degrees.Do this exercise with each leg 5 times.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have nerve pain which goes down the sciatic nerve to my foot - most severe in the top of the hamstring - this started only one day after the surgery - it comes on if I twist to the left - this pain is like an electric shock - I can get over it if I lean to the right and twist my torso to the right - it is as if the sciatic nerve is caught or stuck to the muscle, or inflamed and shortened so that it pulls.
This is definately sciatic nerve involvment possibly can be a
result of operation done.The nerve is being irritated either due to trauma or its inflammation.But in both cases we just cannot do anything except doing rest,physical therapy .Becasue in 50% of cases which do arise after some back operation they disappear themselves within 5 to 6 weeks of surgery .So just right now what we can do is watchful waiting.Analgesics can be taken but of no use.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Doctor Naeem - that answers my question - even though I didn't state it very well the first time, you clarified it and followed up. I'd hope to see you next time I make contact with the service. Regards, John
wish you good health.
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