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Vakul Aren
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First and foremost i`d like to say thanks for the help. my

Resolved Question:

hello , first and foremost i`d like to say thanks for the help.          my father has been diagnosted ,excuse my spelling please;with cirrhosis .the doctor that has treated him for years did not know. that same doctor also never took his shirt or pants mother expressed her concern of his constant iching and he said it was just dry skin.with the iching was also sever dementia he was lost and repeating.well the doctor gave him ..amenda.. this was the year before the diagnosis of my question is ;is it not the obligation of the doctor ,to run tests of the condition of the liver before administering the ...amenda ?and if yes,would he see signs of the cirrhosis ?why did he give him that medication???    celia martinez. thank you
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 7 years ago.
Hello.Memantadine (Amanda)is a NMDA antagonist used to treat mild to moderate Alzhiemers Disease.The drug does not affect the liver significantly.Its doses may be reduced if kidney function is affected.It would not be obligatory to test the liver profile before prescribing this drug.The cirrhosis may not be obvious on clinical examination.It is not for me to comment on what any other doctor has done,he would be perhaps doing what would be right in his clinical setting,to the best of what he can do.
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