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I have been very ill for about 5 days. Hot flashes, nausea,

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I have been very ill for about 5 days. Hot flashes, nausea, constipation, fatigue, exhaustion, passing out, tired, sharp pain running down my arm from my neck off and on, head ache, weak, dizzy, stuttering all of a sudden, in ability to form complete concrete sentences any more when speaking. Was unable to keep food down, but fasted for 24 hours and now can. Weight: 286 on Friday and 275 Tuesday. Urinating fine. Lack of menses since the birth of my 4 month old son. Age 29. Breast feeding full time. What is wrong with me?


Thanks for writing into JA!

The fact that you have slurring speech, pain that runs down your arm and up to your neck, concerns me. Have you had a MRI or a CT scan done? Has a Neurologist seen or consulted with you?

The period being MIA (missing in action) is normal, you are breast feeding. It is one of the perks of doing so.

The high white count means that there is an infection somewhere and that is the reason for all the antibiotic and anti-viral medication.

The biggest concern, however, sill remains , the speech and the ability to form words and thoughts. As well the pain from arm to shoulder.

Thanks for letting me know the answers to those questions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had an MRI done in August of 2008 due to a car accident. Went to physical therapy for 3 months due to a neck injury (neck strain). Have not had any issues in that reguard until recently. There were some "compressed discs" in the lower part of my spine in the lumbar region which causes pain that I live with instead of being medicated. My doctor said my neck "looked great" though at that time. I have not had any injuries since, except turning my head too fast. (which isn't really an injury it just hurts to do so since the accident) I did not consult with a Neurologist and was not adviced to do so at the time of the accident. I have only had the stuttering speech and what not in the past 5 days. I never ever stuttered ever before in my whole life. I frequently say the wrong word ...lInstead of "Get my hat and keys." It comes out "Where's my cat and peas." It doesn't happen all the time, but a lot. Enough my children pick on me about it. And then Sometimes I wll have a thought in my head, but I get stuck on one syllable of the sentence. Plus I'm so tired all the time I usually just give up talking. Even writing, I have to fix so many mistakes. At least, I can do that before anyone sees them. All of these symptoms started in the past 5 days.

I take albuterol for asthma. I take no other prescription drugs.


I hesitate to say this, but from everything you are telling have given all the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

The only way to know for sure is if you go to a neurologist and he confirms it.

Why do I say this? Because you have had pain in the arm and back to the neck, you have slurred speech and you are having difficulty.

The misconception with strokes is that they only happen to old people or that they only happen to people that are in the hospital with heart conditions. This is wrong. Children can have CVAs (Cerebral Vascular Accidents). Please do not wait on this. I truly believe that this is what has occurred.

If you are satisfied that you have received good service, please let me know by leaving me feed back. You can accept this answer by using the accept button on the right side.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I intend to accept your reply, but I need to know. Do I need to go to the ER?
If you are nauseated, throwing up, headache and still slurring your speech, YES. If the pain is still in your arm and radiating, YES. I would go and not waste any time. These are signs of a stroke. Take an aspirin and go. Take all your medications with you as well. If it is not a stroke, it is better safe then sorry, however, these signs and symptoms all read like one.
Nurse Dani and 4 other Health Specialists are ready to help you