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Mel., Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Qualified in 1977,have extensive coronary care & general experience,plus stress related conditions.
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My head sweats profusely,embarrassingly! Any slight activity

Resolved Question:

My head sweats profusely,embarrassingly! Any slight activity at all makes my head sweat. The hair on the back of my head and at the top of my forehead gets soaked in seconds and drips down the back of my neck and off my hears, down my forehead. I have had all kinds of blood tests and everything checks out okay. I am 65 and this seems to be getting worse and worse. I just feel like I am warm all the time. I cannot even think about ever wearing any cold weather clothing when appropriate. I just never seem comfortable temperature wise. I am on a homone patch and my doctor put me on a Catapres patch which does not help. My thyroid and hormone tests are good. I am going to the doctor tomorrow but have been searching the internet frantically for answers. Is Botox a good solution or what is. Most of the time the sweating episodes last anywhere to 15 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, I usually have a slight headache and feel spent afterwards.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.

Hello Carolyn,

Welcome to Just Answer.

This sounds typical of medication side effects. Are you on anti depressants by any chance? If so, this without doubt is the cause.

It is a shame that you are offline at the moment but if you want to get back to me on this please don't think I am not going to respond. I am in UK and I will soon be heading to bed but I will be up and around long before you so I will be able to reply to you before you go off to your doctor tomorrow.

With my very best wishes


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have been on anti-depressants for 15 or so years. Currently taking 40 mg. of prozac. Just recently stopped Wellbutrin. Was on 300 mg. along with prozac Actually I have been on both anti-depressants at the same time for well over 4-5 years. I do not have night head sweats. I really need the anti-depressants as I have been depressed all my life. I think my doctor wants to wean me off prozac and put me on Effexor. I have even tried switching my thyroid medication back to brand from generic to see if there is any difference and have learned there is not except that it is more expensive. I am really frustrated. If anti-depressants are causing it why has it just started 3 years ago and progressively gotten worse.

I so appreciate your attention to this. I am a young 65 year old and don't want to have to deal with this the rest of my life.
Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.

That was quick! Don't worry I am not going to suggest that you come off of your antidepressants, i just wonder what pattern we have got forming.

So has this got worse since you stopped the Wellbutrin? Or did the sweating begin when you started the Wellbutrin?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Neither. Did not notice it until about 3 years ago. Had been on Wellbutrin for a while. Actually I am not quite sure of either. I had major back surgery 3 years ago this September, so I'm really not quite sure. Is this indicative of Wellbutrin. Since recently stopping Wellbutrin would I not notice any change until 4 - 6 weeks to get it completely out of my system? So many questions, I apologize, but this is just awful for me.
Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.

Hi carolyn,

i am going to reply to you right now but i have a lot to explain so please bear with me and don't think I have forgotten you.

Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.

I understand completely that you have so many unanswered questions in your head and I totally understand how dreadful the sweating is.

The thing is that both wellbutrin and prozac will cause excessive sweating. It doesn't always happen as soon as you start taking them, it can come on well down the line.

I am thinking that you may have been OK on prozac alone but that the introduction of wellbutrin as well brought this on to the extreme.

You mentioned botox. Well yes it is known to help but you would have to have it in all the areas that you sweat and you would have to keep having top uso i don't really think that is the answer.

I think that what we really need to think about is easing the symptoms rather than treating the cause.

There is something you can get online from a site called SCREENFACE which is a theartical website. It is a liquid called NO SWEAT. You can apply it to your face, neck, behind your ears and even in the hairline. It will feel as though your skin is tightening up for a few seconds. It helps control sweat ans stops it running down your face and neck.

it can be worn either under make up or alone.

Another thing which you may find helpful is a spray called Magicool. It is w water spray in an aerosol can. When you shake it, it becomes very cold and is asolutely wonderful to cool you when you are sweating. It is small enough to carry around with you.

We have a pharmacy in UK called oots. Not sure if you have that, but any pharmacy should sell it I would have thought. Or you could always order it from Boots online.

There is also a pillow which stays cool all the time which you could use as a pillow or as a cushion or maybe put behind your back if you are in a car. It is called a CHILLOW> You can get these from many websites. if you just google in CHILLOW you will get all the sites who sell them online.

There is also something called KOOLPACK These can be purchased from any first aid or medical supply site. They are not expensive.

It is a little bag with powder/crystals in. If you bang hard on the centre of it it becomes icy cold and stays cold for about 20 minutes. if you put this on your head, forehead, neck, back, wherever you want it, it will cool you and stop you sweating.

I would not suggest you attempt to stop your antidepressants because faced with the choice of depression or sweating, I think terribble as the sewating is, you would not want the depression back. it would be pointless trying to go onto a different antidepressant because they all have this side effect unfortunately.

You might well get some relief from some of the thing i have suggested however.

i do hope this had helped you.

Lots of love


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have been reading comments on the internet since we last talked and I forgot to mention the sweating starts on the right side of my head and eventually spreads all over my head. I do not sweat on my face, my head just drips on my face. Looking at all the blogs on anti-depressants they all seem to cause sweating except I did not see anything with sweating associated with prozac. I have really not had any side effects that I have noticed with it. Wellbutrin also made my hands shake a lot. When my Dr. put me on Catapres it stopped the hand shaking. I am very disappointed. I really really thought you were going to be my knight in shining armor. You did make me think though that the culprit could very well be Wellbutrin. I am now off of it at week 2 now. Do you think the longer I am off it the better the chance that my sweating will be. I think I would be willing to be a little more depressed with just taking Prozac than putting up with the sweating. The sweating is actually making more depressed because I can't do anything without it affecting me. I really never know when it is going to occur unless I am doing something active. I can just be sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I will feel a drip on my ear and than it starts. It's really really embarassing. I have never been a sweat-er, even under my arms - ever! Please Dr. Mel I just know you can help me come up with a fool proof answer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Carolyn in California desperate.....
Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.

Hello Carolyn,

So sorry, I went to bed before you replied to me. Hope I catch you this morning though.

Well Prozac is the least likely to cause sweating even though it has the potential to do so. I believe the solution to your problem is to try to stay off of the wellbutrin. I hope you eased off and didn't just stop?????????

Anyway you have done well whatever, but you will not notice a difference for a good few weeks or even a couple of months I am afraid.

You will find that it eases so gradually that you will hardly even notice it happening.
From what you have told me it seems quite clear that after years of being on prozac, it was only when you commenced the wellbutrin that the trouble started. You will have to be patient sweetheart, and please don't get despondent. It WILL get better, but these medications do take a while to completely clear from your system.

This tip is no use to you unless you are at home (depending what hairstyle you have) but if you smear some vaseline around your hairline front back and sides and just a bit around the top and back of ears, it will stop the sweat from running down your face and neck from your head.

Remember if prozac didn't make you sweat before, it won't now. Just let the wellbutrin get out and I am certain you will be fine. I do hope so, I really do.

Lots of love


Mel. and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well as far as stopping slowly this is what I did. I was on 300 mg and my doctor told me he wanted me to stop the 300 mg and he wrote me a prescription for 150 mg so I did that for about a month then I just stopped taking the 150 mg and it has been just about 2 weeks since I did that. Boy Mel I sure hope you are right. If it works I'll try to come back online to this question and see if I can let you know. Thank you so much you have given me a lot to think about. One more thing I did think of was I am on 75 mcg. of synthroid and was wondering if I should drop back to 50 mcg.??