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My 5 month old fell off the bed. she landed face up and

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my 5 month old fell off the bed. she landed face up and cried for a little bit. we took her a bath ans everything seems to be fine. now shes sleeping. what should i do? im scared.
   If she is sleeping fine without any swelling or painful area in the limbs then mot probably she is not having any limb injury but you should take care for her for next 24 -48 hr about any untoward symptoms like-
1.any abnormal movement in the limbs.
2.Excessive drowsiness or irritability without any cause.
If you find any of these symptoms then it is better to attend ER.
Hope this will be helpful.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well shes awake now. she only slept for a little bit on me then i had laid her down in the crib. I kind of didn't want her to sleep since it was so early still. i feel no bumps or caves on her head. she is alert now and up from her little power nap. Is there anything else I can do to help her and me being paranoid?
It's good.One can not easily predict what is going on in body specially in case of children as there body is more pliable in comparison to adults .Absence of any swelling or tenderness on skull most probably shows also absence of any external injury on the skull.
At the home just take care of her ,check her pulse & respiration rate frequently ,abnormal slowing of pulse or respiration which are the signs of brain compression should be attended urgently.
In my opinion you should at least have a x ray of the skull to rule out injury & should arrange for consultation to your regular doctor till then just keep an eye on her.

Hope this will be helpful.

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