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I have a watery vaginal discharge (smells like the food I

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I have a watery vaginal discharge (smells like the food I have eaten), bloated stomach, weight gain which has cause cellulite and stretch marks, dry skin and dry hair, fatigue, and a very sluggish digestive system. I think that I may have a hole in my digestive track somewhere. Have you heard of or seen anyone with these types of symptoms?
Hello and welcome to and please do not hesitate to ask follow-up questions. The weight gain with strech marks, fatigue, and dry hair are consistent with a hormonal imbalance.   If there were a hole in your GI tract you would be very, very ill- fever and extreme tenderness the area. Also you might see feces passing from your vaginal along with the odor.

I recoommend having your doctor order some hormonal studies like thyroid and cortisol to check this out. If your periods are ireegular you can also have the femal hormones FSH and LH looked at. Also I would see your ob-gyn (if your primary doc does not do your PAP smears) to take a peak and evaluate the vaginal dicharge more closely.

I do hope I have helped you. It has been my pleasure to assist you. Let me know if there is anhything else I can do for you. I wish you all the best.
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