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Dr.Tiwari, Doctor.
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I get pians from the hip towards my chest the pian travls

Customer Question

i get pians from the hip towards my chest the pian travls around my adomnal then towards my my dwon below its not back pian the same pian i gat in my back it then goes up my shoulderbleads the docters have done many scans and xrays but cant find whats the mater in the urine there is blood,i also get the same pian in my stomch, at times the pian is so bad i cant get out of bed iv taken morfin from the docters and tormaldol i want to know what and y i get this pian please can u get back to me
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
   Will you please answer some questions-
1.Since when it is there?
2.What is your age?
3.What are the aggravating or relieving factors?
4.Is there any history of diabetes or high blood pressure?
5.Is there any history of trauma/
6.Are you under any stress?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

my mother had history of ditebete.

, blood pressure, and she past away with heart diseas,and my dad past away with 3rd heart hattack my dad side uncel past away with kiddney problem,

Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
O.k.,So you are having a strong family history of heart diseases.This is a strong indicator that you should be cautious & must have frequent check ups for any ailment.It does not matter that you have negative reports but it is necessary on preventive aspect & early detection of any disease.
   By looking at the details it looks that you may be suffering from either single ailment or different ailment.Single ailment may be urinary tract infection which may be producing general body pains in the hip in the chest & other area or different ailment may be gastritis which is causing your abdominal pain,UTI which may be causing back pain.Chest pain may be due to stress factor when other factors are excluded but by looking at positive family history you should get a complete check up of your heart by advanced investigations like technetium scans,gallium scan & others.
If every thing from the aspect of heart is excluded then you do need a good pain management doctor who can help you with your pain.Except the drugs you may have relief from yoga,meditation,physical exercises in morning.Swimming may be a good exercise to keep away the multiple body pains.Hearing of soothing music may also be a good factor to keep the nerves down.
   To help your abdominal pains you should avoid eating spicy & hot things & can have drugs like rantac 150mg twice a day before food.
A complete examination of urine by culture & sensitivity may be helpful to rule out the presence of infection which can be treated depending upon the result.Till then you should drink a good amount of liquids & can take phenzopyridine 200mg which is marketed as pyridium .It is a urinary antiseptic & analgesic but it can turn body secretion red.

Hope all this will be helpful.