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Mel., Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Qualified in 1977,have extensive coronary care & general experience,plus stress related conditions.
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I keep getting dizzy/ room spin and I cannot stand up and if

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I keep getting dizzy/ room spin and I cannot stand up and if I try and get up I fall over and then I am sick. I have also had an upset tummy with the sickness attacks. This has happened three times since May and it has taken me upto three days each time to get up out of bed. It is very frightening as I have not control over by body, I cannot eat, move for do anything when I have these attacks. The doctors keep saying its a viral infection, but I dont understand how I keep getting it. I cannot every make it to a doctor when I have ill as I am housebound. I am now afraid that it might keep happening. It always starts when I wake up in morning and the room is spinning. It has never happended though the day, its alway when I am about to get up. Please help.

Hello marley,

Welcome to Just Answer.

My name is ***** ***** I would like to help you. I need to know something first though if you would be kind enough to confirm it for me.

Am I reading this correctly, you are on Buccastem AND Prochlorperazine???????

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I was first ill in May the doctors gave me Buccastem. I had another attack on Monday this week and the doctor said to me on the phone to take Buccastem again. I was ill for two days, felt better on Wednesday had no dizziness but on Thursday I work up again with room spin, managed to speak to a doctor on Friday who prescribed Prochorperazine to take. Today is the first day since Thursday that I have managed to get out of bed. Im now taking Prochorperazine three times a day since yesterday.

Thank you. Well the thing is that Buccastem IS prochlorperazine also called stemitil. So be sure not to take both lots of tablets because they are exactly the same thing.

If you take this medication regularly it can cause your blood pressure to suddenly drop which will cause dizziness on moving from lying to sitting or sitting to standing.

Now to the problem itself.

It sounds very much to me as though you have an ongoing middle or inner ear infection. This interferes with the fluid in the ear which keeps us balanced. Since it keeps recurring I would think what you need is a course of antiviotics to clear it up once and for all.

So two important thisng to ask your GP when you are next able to have him/her in.

!. Check blood pressure lying and standing.

2.Look into your ears for any sign of infection.

I really do believe that this is the cause of you pronlem sweetheart.

Just to be sure I haven't confused you with the two separate causes of dizziness I will reapet once more.

Initial dizziness that you get on waking I think is middle or inner ear infection because every time you move your head the fluid in your ear will be disturbed and dizziness and nausea is the result.

The dizziness you feel on getting up could be a side effect of your medication causing your blood pressure to suddenly drop.

I hope this has helped. It is nothing which can't be easily treated.

I do wish you well very soon.

With my very best wishes


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The doctor has taken my blood pressure sitting and said thats it ok and has looked in my ears saying they look ok. I have had my blood taken and I am awaiting for the results. I just find the whole thing very scary, I cannot even get up to look after my children. I'm due to go back to the doctors on Friday for the results on my blood test. As the doctor said my ears are ok could it be something else?

Middle or inner ear infection can not always be seen as it is so deep within the ear but usually there will be redness and slight bulging of the eardrum. Also blood pressure while just sitting won't show how it drops when you stand. It needs to be done ideally lying then immediately again on standing. Or if there is no bed available it should be done sitting and then standing, but lying gives the more acurate result.

If your GP fails to come up with a diagnosis, and if it is possible for you to get there, I would advise you to ask for a referal to an ENT consultant.

With love


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