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I had sex with my boyfriend last Saturday. The first time,

Resolved Question:

I had sex with my boyfriend last Saturday. The first time, the condom broke but he was not all the way in. There was precum, but i still freaked out. We had sex again later that day with no problems but my period started. Now i am urinating frequently (i could be paranoid. but that's a sign of pregnancy) and my period is all out of wack, and very very light. I need to know the chances of me being pregnant.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Gwrightmd replied 8 years ago.
The chances of you being pregnant are the same as those of any other female but can't be quantified by a percentage if that's what you are asking. There can be various reasons for your current presentation of signs and symptoms that may not be related to pregnancy. The only way to truly rule it out is to be tested by a reputable lab or at least a reputable home pregnancy test.
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