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At 17, I was diagnosed with Chlamydia. I had the infection

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At 17, I was diagnosed with Chlamydia. I had the infection roughly 3 months before finding out I had it. I took medicine. I had no abdominal pain or fever, only noticed a change in my discharge.   A few months I got checked and found out I had it again. I took medicine. A few months later I found out I had it again. The last 2 times I had no symptoms and had it for probably about 1 month. In the 14 yrs since, I have maintained a clean bill of health. I worry myself sick all the time about damage to my reproductive system. Did I have chlamydia long enough to do significant damage? I always have regular periods, no cramps or PMS. I had an ultrasound on my uterus 10 yrs ago. As far as I know, it looked ok. Would any scarring on my uterus or fallopian tubes show on an ultrasound? Would I still have normal periods even with significant scarring or blocked tubes? Did I take the meds early enough to protect my reproductive organs? And, do you know women who have had babies after this
Hello Silver 850

I need to get some information from you to better answer your question.

What is your age?
Are you now sexually active? If so are you on any contraceptive?
When was your last pap, and was if normal?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm 31 yrs old. Yes I'm sexually active, in a relationship. I've never told him about this because it's humiliating. I have gone off and on the birth control pill in the past several years. My period is normal and on time whether I take the pills or not and I never have pms on the pill or not. My last pap was in feb and it was normal. I had an abnormal pap 10 yrs ago and had abnormal cells frozen from my cervix. Since then, I have had all normal paps.
Thanks Silver

In theory, you should be fine. However without getting a hysterosalpingogram it really is impossible to know for certain. If you are truly wanting to know if you are able to conceive, you should make an appointment with a GYN that specializes in the fertility. There is a increased chance of tubal pregnancy, so if you do become pregnat, you should make sure to have an ulta sound early, and any bleeding in the first trymest, must be evleuated by your doctor.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do you know women who have had chlamydia more than once and gone on to have children without problems?
my cousin has Chlamydia twice that I know of, and she has a 4 kids.

Smoore and other Health Specialists are ready to help you