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I have throbbing, stabbing pain behind and above right ear

Resolved Question:

I have throbbing, kind of stabbing pain just behind and above my right ear. I am taking Lyrica for another issue and have applied pressure just below my right ear to calm down Tinnitus. I am in general excellent health.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.

Do you have fever, ear discharge or pain by moving your ear? Is there any swelling or pain at back your ear? Do you feel pain by pressing at back of you ear? Was there any respiratory track infection in last few weeks?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I just feel a little soreness when I apply pressure just behind the top, middle of the right ear. That soreness was present yesterday. I have no fever, ear discharge or pain by moving the ear. No respiratory track infection in past few weeks. There might be a tiny bit of swelling behind the right front part of the ear (Temporal area ?). Feels like some type of inflammation?

The pain behind the right ear comes in sharp, little stabs of pain, not general headache type aching.

It is almost a nerve type of stabbing pain behind my right ear.

Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.
Based on the information, it does not look like ear problems. In the absence of any ear symptoms or history of recent middle ear infection or respiratory track infection possibility of mastoiditis is very slim. The location of your pain, redness and swelling is on mastoid area, infection of mastoid air cells are common in children as compared to adult. I think it must be skin infection on that area as you have pain and swelling. You can try OTC pain meds and apply Neosporin aointment for few days and see if it helps you. If your symptoms worsen or your develop fever and ear pain then you will have to visit your doctor for proper evaluation.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Again, the stabbing pain is in the bony area just behind and about an inch above the right ear. No signs of any ear problem and definitely not a skin infection. Feels like a nerve stabbing or inflamed artery right in the bony area behind and just above the right ear. Any other guidance or advice?

Expert:  Dr. Shah replied 8 years ago.

In that case, if your pain is on temporal are and you are able to reproduce the pain by pressing, then you will need proper evaluation to rule out temporal arteritis, which is common in older age. There is less likely possibility that it could be due to Lyrica side effects. If you can make it then, a proper evaluation would be much more informative. You can read more about temporal arteritis from here.

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