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Karen RN, BSN
Karen RN, BSN, Nurse
Category: Health
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I have calcium deposits on my finger joints that impairs range

Resolved Question:

I have calcium deposits on my finger joints that impairs range of extension and mobility. what is the cause? How do we fix or cure the problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Karen RN, BSN replied 8 years ago.

Hi Willard, Thank you for contacting Just Answer.

What have you already tried to help with the impaired mobility in your fingers?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
therapy gloves and finger exercises
Expert:  Karen RN, BSN replied 8 years ago.

There are some over the counter medications that help with calcium deposits like glucosomine, triflex just to name a few. If you find these on your drug store shelf you will see may others you can choose from. Keep in mind these may take several weeks before you notice a great change.

Over the counter pain medications such as Aleve, Motrin, and Tylenol EX strength can be of assist if the pain is effecting your work. Be sure to only take these as directed on the bottle.

It is important that you continue to exercise your hands, simple things like picking up buttons and marbles, & squeezing silly putty is helpful. You can also purchase a wax machine and dip your hands in warm wax 1-2 times per day. This feels really good and can be very helpful. The was covers your hands like gloves. Dip your hands in several times and leave the wax glove on until it cools. You can reuse the wax.

If it continues to be bothersome or a problem is developed in other joints you should be started on anti-inflamitory medications per MD RX. It is best to stay off of there as long as possible because of the side effects after long time use.


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