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I feel a dull ache in my left arm down to my hand. Sometimes

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I feel a dull ache in my left arm down to my hand. Sometimes it is present also in my left leg. I can't put pressure on my left arm if I'm sitting down or it will feel as though the flow of blood is obstructed. When standing, I don't feel as if the blood flow is hampered, only while sitting.
Is this the presence of a blood clot?
Do you feel any neck stiffness or tingling numbness in arms?

What is your age?

Any other medical history?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
lt;p>No, there is no neck stiffness and no numbness in my arms. Although there are times when my hand feels slightly numb (very slightly). </p><p>I am 46. </p><p>No, no prior medical problems. </p>
Whats your age?

Do you smoke?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My age is 46 and I do not smoke.
Thanks for all the information,

There are two possible reason for these symptoms, degenerative disc disease in which nerve get compressed and other possibility is peripheral vascular disease.

Possibility of clot is less.

You need to get your self examined by your doctor.

Few investigations like x-ray for spine, color doppler for vascular structures and if all come negative you need to undergo MRI for brain.

Do not worry all these conditions are treatable.

It is very difficult for me to tell you exact cause for this. Clot presence is less likely.

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