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I went to the GP for weight loss. Saying I've put on 35kg in

Customer Question

I went to the GP for weight loss. Saying I've put on 35kg in 3yrs, I don't feel I eat to much but I must! Input = output, maybe I need an appetite supressant? So he gave me a script for Duromine 40mg & ordered TSH & glucose, come back next week for the results. The results came back with TSH of 4.6. He then explained that high TSH usually results in hypothyroid & sugested to do T3, T4 & TSH. Results came back with TSH of 3.6, so he outruled hypothyroid. I'm wondering weather taking Duromine would effect the TSH levels? I have read that Duromine speeds up the metabolism, in turn does it effect the TSH or thyroid gland? I have been suffering all but one or two symptoms of hypothyroidism but can't get any help!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doctor Mark replied 8 years ago.
Hi, no duromine does not effect TSH values. It has no effect on the thyroid gland. It increases basal metabolic rate which effects muscles. The only way to lose weight is with diet and exercise.