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My seven year old son is complaining of an itchy penis. There

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My seven year old son is complaining of an itchy penis. There were tiny red dots on the loose skin that went away but now there is a red spot that looks like a scratch up higher all by itself on the shaft. He says he did not scratch it. I wonder if it could be an allergy or just heat rash. I gave him anti-itch medicine that didn't help. Then I used mupirocin that I had left over from another son who had infitigo on his face a few months ago. The mupirocin did seem to take the red dots away. The scratch I just saw tonight. The itch is quite bad my son says. I feel embarrassed to take him to the doctor. The itch has sort of come and gone but is usually at bedtime. Previously I did not check to see if there was anything there but this time I looked closer and saw the very tiny red dots. I am a stay at home married mom so there is no chance of him being molested.


Considering the symptoms, one common possibility is of- yeast infection. It can be treated with anti fungal medications.

The other common cause is- penile papules .They arise from sebaceous or sweat glands.

As such, is should not be ignored. My opinion is that, he need to be seen by Physician ,for the evaluation and the management.

take care


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your prompt answer. I just went on-line and read a bit about penile papules... however, my son's irritations are not white bumps... they don't look like the picture I found. And the yeast infection doesn't seem right either considering how it's most commonly spread... Is there anything else you might suggest? The tiny red dots I saw were under the surface of the skin only the size of the head of a pin and were in a cluster.

Well, the rash and the itching can be possibly due to yeast infection.

Clinical diagnosis is important in this case. My opinion is that he need to be seen by Physician for evaluation and management.



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