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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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I wonder if you could assist me? 3 months ago my GOP started

Resolved Question:

I wonder if you could assist me?

3 months ago my GOP started me on Simvastatin, as I have a risk factor of 23, and also Desmopressin to combat nocturia.

After a fortnight on both I started to experience fatigue which progressively worsened whilst I was taking them both; after 3 weeks i could not get out of bed at all and stopped taking them.

I am obese, weighing 19 stone.

My GP arranged for a liver function and CK test.

The results are:

Bilirubin 29 umol/l (High), normal 1-17;

Alk Phos 57iu (normal);

Total protein 83 g/l (High; normal 60-80);

Albumin 46g/l (normal);

ALT/SGPT 56iu/l (High; normal 7-55);

Globulin 37 g/l(High, normal 15-35);

CK 285 iu/l (High, normal 24-180).

Sodium/potassium/creatinine within normal limits.

Since stopping both medications 2 months ago I have become slightly better, but not fully recovered.

My consultant says the fatigue cannot have been caused by statins because their side effects ceased as soon as one stops taking them. Can you assist?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer. Sorry to hear you're having difficulty.

To answer your question:
Normally, stopping the statin drug will reverse any problems like elevated liver enzymes and muscles aches. However, in a very small number of people, there is a side effect called rhabdomyolysis that can occur. This is actual rapid destruction of muscle tissue and can be very dangerous if not caught in time.

From your lab results, and the description of your symptoms, it looks like this may have happened. Your health care provider did the right thing by stopping the medication.

If you did develop a mild rhabdomyolysis, it would take some time to recover. How long depends on how much damage was done. Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer severe damage that can become life threatening. In your case, it looks like stopping the drug early-on is correcting the problem, as you are beginning to feel better.

Keeping well hydrated will speed your recovery, as this condition can have an adverse effect on the kidneys. What you need to do now is to continue to follow up with your health care provider, who should continue to monitor your blood levels of the tests you have already done to make sure they return to normal levels.

Here is a site with more information about this condition:
MedicineNet's page on Rhabdomyolysis

And here is some information from Mayo Clinic about the side effects of Statin medications.

Otherwise, whatever remedies make you feel better should not be harmful. Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids will also help speed your recovery.
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