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After leaving work Tuesday - I work outside - I came home

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After leaving work Tuesday - I work outside - I came home exhausted, though I've certainly had much worse days before. Later that night, I was running a fever of 101. When I awoke, every muscle, practically speaking, in my body was so tensed up I could hardly roll over in bed, much less get up. I mean, I could roll over and get up, but it was very painful to do so. There was also tension in my groin, and I was quite fatigued, as well. We first assumed it was the flu. I had a very slight throat irritation, but it was hardly noticeable . . . so, I'm not certain. In the meantime, the fever is gone, the extreme muscle tension has highly decreased in most all areas of my body except my forearms and hands - still hard to type and open a door, for instance.

Oh, today is the first day of noticeable improvement, but because my livelihood and passion depend on my arms/hands/fingers, I've considered going to the emergency room.
HelloCustomerbr />
What was the outside temperature on Tuesday?
Did you have plenty to drink?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The temperature was probably in the high nineties, on top of that, we were on top of a roof for a little bit. But, you know, I didn't feel as hot as I had in the past while outside. I had a couple/three glasses of water, I believe - (In the afternoon, that is, once it was so hot.)
ThanksCustomerbr />
You said you were exhausted, and you were correct in more ways then one. You were suffering from heat exhaustion. This happens when you are exposed to high heat for a extended amount to time. You stated that it did not seem as hot as other days, but many factors can make your body react differently day to day. If you have been working for several day in the sun, drinking alcohol, overdressing, or slight dehydration and medications.

You can stop the heat cramps by drinking plenty of water, also add in a few drinks with electrolytes such as Gatorade.

Make sure that you are well hydrated and cramp free before you venture out into the heat and sun again. Keep yourself hydrated all summer long. Always carry water with you, and make sure to drink before you become thirsty. I bought my husband a small jug that I fill with icy water of Gatorade during the summer.

If you feel that you have re hydrated yourself and the cramps are still sever. Then you should seek medical attention.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
One more quick question:

It's possible to still be dehydrated after three days?
this is possible. It all depends on how dehydrated you were, and how much and what you have been drinking.

May I ask what you have been drinking?
Do you have a dry mouth
Any vomiting or nausea?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
dry, "pasty" mouth . . . but no vomiting or nausea.

I'm pretty good about drinking water, at home and at work. In addition, I've been drinking fresh juiced fruits and vegetables since this occurred. I haven't specifically drank electrolyte-enhanced water, though. I'm about to try it.
I would say drink some sports drink, clear liquids for the next 2 hours. If you are not feeling better then you may want to call you general doctor about going in for an IV. Stay away from drinks with caffeine and alcohol. I will check back with you tonight.

Also could you please take your resting heart rate for me?

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Just checking back in with you. Want to make sure you are doing ok tonight.