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I have a pain on the left/middle part of my chest. It is

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I have a pain on the left/middle part of my chest. It is sore to the touch and may be from roughing around last weekend with some friends, but 1 week ago, I was getting some chest pains that were kind of stabbing and sharp for only a split second then would go away, but would come back. I dont know if this is associated with the chest pain but for the past month after I stopped working out when I walk from the parking lot at work to the building I get dizzy. I am a 34 year old male and have smoked for 17 years. I have quit smoking for good 2 weeks ago and hope its not to late and that I have done some kind of damage to my heart.    Could it be smoking, drinkin, and stress that are causing this or do you think it could be something more serious. Any advise would be great. I am going to schedule to go see the doc, but wanted a little advice first. Should I go see a heart specialist or just my normal doctor.

Thank you
Congrats on quitting the smoking! IT is FAR from too late. Regarding this pain there are MANY possible causes. However, as an emergency physician I would say that a cardiac cause is NOT the likeliest; the characteristics of this pain are NOT classic for pain from the heart. I would recommend starting with a "regular" MD at this point rather than narrowing the focus to just the heart on your own.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the smoking pat on the back. The first week was a bit of a struggle, but I am truely done with it and just block it out of my life now. Funny how theres a lot more money in my wallet now that I quit !!!    Well, I hope this is not something with my heart, because when I feel the pains my heart kind of races. Maybe just because it startles me for a minute.   What about the dizziness though ? That one is a mistery to me..... do you think it may be some inner ear thing or something non related to the chest thing. Thanks so much for the help !!
The dizziness also has a large number of possible causes. As you noted, it could be an "inner ear thing" or any of a number of other possible causes. I hadn't heard about the palpatations when I wrote my prior response. While it most likely would still be nothing serious, I must advice you that if the chest pains or palpatations last for more than a couple of minutes you should immediately go to the emergency department to make CERTAIN that it is nothing serious.
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