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Doc-Answers-You, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  I have had 24 years as a health professional and Medical Director of a Community Health Center.
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I get lots of UTI's I was wondering is it possible for me to

Customer Question

I get lots of UTI's I was wondering is it possible for me to ask my doctor if I can be admitted to go through every test possible to see why I get so many of them because I was sexually abused twice when I was younger and any test that need to be done vaginally I need to be put fully to sleep because of my abuse history so do you think I can ask my doctor to admit me to do these tests
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 8 years ago.
First i am sorry you have to go thru all this stuff.
But heres my opinion:

1.Lets assume that you have insurance. If you do, your doc would have to make a case for the admission. That might entail a psychiatrist's or counselor's letter as well. Some work and understanding are involved but I think its possible. And besides, some tests might have you knocked out as a routine anyway. lots of diagnostic things are done as "one day surgery".

2.If you dont have insurance then its going to be much more difficult.The doc could still probably request it but hospital people might make it more difficult. There may need to be money put down upfront.

3. What has happened when you have had PAP smears? have you been out for those as well?

4. And finally--You need to remember that nowadays the admission to the hospital to do all tests is not going to happen. Insurance companies will not pay anyone for a diagnostic workup.

So to summarize, what you are asking is not unreasonable and in fact for certain kinds of tests they might want to be sleeping anyway.
I wish you good luck. take care.

Dr Dennis
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am a 100% service connected Veteran so I go to the VA Hospital and get care for free and I only had one Pap Smear with a combination of an endometrial biopsy and they did it in the OR with me asleep.
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 8 years ago.
GREAT. So based on that, I think its very possible, if your doctor understands the situation. It would seem from your information that if a cystoscopy was required they would need to and be justified in putting you to sleep. I hope this helps.