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1 year ago, after hitting a softball, I attempted to begin

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1 year ago, after hitting a softball, I attempted to begin my sprint to 1st base, although I was immediately stopped in my tracks after 1 step with a severe pain in my calf. I pulled myself from the game, went home and iced and elevated my leg. It was extremely painful to put any pressure on that leg. I went to the armed forces base medical center and it was determined no break after an xray. They suggested i had a muscle strain. I hobbled out of their office. 1 week later, still in pain, i returned with visible bruising towards the heel of foot, and they offered me crutches and physical therapy. I took a break from sports and did 6 sessions of physical therapy. Although, to avoid gaining weight, i have to exercise, so I love to walk 2-3 miles a day. I returned to softball only to reinjure the same leg, same pain. Lately, whenever I just take a step down 1 stair, i get the same sharp pain, with tingling and burning sensation through out the day, and back to limping for a week
Do you feel the pain in the calf or in the heel?

Are you still into physical therapy?

Are you diabetic?

Have you done any blood tests?

I'm still online to answer your queries after you send me this info.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

- The pain orginally, 1 year ago, was in both the heel and calf, and now primarily in the calf. Each time i reinjure, it feels like a rubberband has snapped.

- Physical therapy, No, was only authorized 6 sessions

- Diabetic, no

- Blood tests, not in the past 2 years

I am at the point where i am frustrated, because every time i try to exercise, i reinjure the same calf, even after stretching for 30 minutes. I am now about 30 lbs over my ideal weight of 135 (I am 5'3), and my BMI has now reached 31.1. I did well for about 2 months, where I walked 3-5 times a week, with no injury. I have even purchased new running shoes to ensure i have proper support. My increasing age, I'm certain, is not helping matters. I was able to stay in shape with softball, volleyball, racquetball and jogging, and for the past year, i have attempted only to have my calf snap like a rubber band.

I play softball with a doctor, and he has stated that each time the muscle tries to repair, a calcium surrounds the muscle, and i believe he says that it is snapping each time i try to use that muscle. I still feel i have many years left to play sports and want to desperately to ensure heart health and weight satisfaction.

Hello again, thanks for your reply.

It seems like the pain is not due to muscle soreness only but there may be some muscle tear within the muscles of the calf like gastrocnemius or soleus.

You should also check for metabolites like calcium,magnesium and potassium as derangement of any of these increases the propensity for muscle pain.

My suggestion is that since you are having these symptoms for about a year you should get yourself examined by a specialist (orthopaedician / sports doctor) to identify the cause for the nagging pain.

You may also require an MRI scan of the afected leg if no cause can be identified clinically.

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