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Even though my sons white blood cell count has risen from

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Even though my son's white blood cell count has risen from 2.9 to 5.6, his MPV and MCV counts are below the normal range. Should my doctor continue to check these numbers until they are in the normal range?

Hello, what is his age?

What is his haemoglobin?

What is the red cell count?

Does he have any medical problems?

What is his diet?

Has he had any treatment or medication?

Do you know the exact values for MPV and MCV

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

He's 4.


Hemoglobin was 12.7 then 12.2 now 13.1 (dates - 16th 24th 30th of June)

RBC 4.73 - 4.6 - 4.9


No health problems that I know of. He does suffer from lathargy at least once / 2 weeks. He'll sleep for a couple days and then be back to normal. During these down times he has green poop with some mucus.

He eats lots of chicken, yogurt, granola, and eggs. He likes just about anything you place in front of him. Good eater.


MCV - 76.7 - 78.8 - 78.3

MPV = 6.9 - 6.6 - 6.3


His GR is also decreasing 43.3 to 39.8

His MCH is low also 26.9 - 26.5 - 26.7

His LY is high 49 - 50.1 - 51.9


I'm very concerned. I was on vacation and my mom was watching him. I would have NEVER taken him to the doctor. She was concerned by his lathargy, small fever, and green mucusy poop. He's like this often. My doctor had never taken blood from him when he was like this.


THanks for the extra information, although you have not added the units, the hemoglobin, and MCV both look normal. So he is not anemic and does not need this test repeated.


Ly is lymphocytes and if high suggests a viral infection which would be in keeping with a stomach upset. This is something to check again in a couple of weeks.

You mention that he has repeated episodes, have you onsidered keeping a food diary ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, I am going to start keeping a food diary. Even though he loves eggs, I'm beginning to wonder if these episodes are when he consumes 3 and 4 eggs at a time.


The WBC being low was an indicator of a viral infection. As this count began increasing to the normal level, the LY began increasing too. Are these connected? Could he have actually caught another virus?


I did forget to mention he began to have trouble walking on the morning of the 24th. By the afternoon, he couldn't place his weight on his left leg. He said the entire leg hurt. I could squeeze every part of the leg without causing pain. When I placed him in a butterfly position and pushed down on the leg he had a lot of pain. Would this be linked to the low WBC? Could this be connected to the LY? He is now walking and running. He says he just hurts sometimes.


Lymphocytes are typically increased in viral infection, and as long as it returns to normal over the next couple of weeks, I would not worry.


When a child has infection then WBC can either be very low or become very high, however a level of 5.6 is within normal overall for WBC and I would not be concerned unless it radically changed.


I would like his leg and hip to be examined by a doctor, this may be transient synovitis which typically follows a viral infection however there are a couple of very rare disorders that need to be ruled out when a child complains of not being able to bear his weight on a leg.


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