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Mel., Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Qualified in 1977,have extensive coronary care & general experience,plus stress related conditions.
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I've been experiencing episodes where I feel as though I'm

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I've been experiencing episodes where I feel as though I'm going to pass out since February. They started as isolated incidents and have become more frequent within the last few weeks. Initially I was having headaches at the same time, I'm not having headaches as frequently now - I've found out I have Glaucoma and being treated for it - I don't think the dizzy spells are related to Glaucoma. The dizzy (really disequilibrium - I don't feel like the room is spinning, more like a panic attack, pressure in my head, feeling like the room is getting smaller) spells have become frequent especially in the last few weeks - my Glaucoma doctor initially put me on Alphagan, and I was feeling fine, but then I went for a run, and as I was going up a hill had a severe spell, thought for sure I was going to pass out. Have been put on Atavan, and Zoloft (anxiety, depression, possible post-traumatic stress disorder related to Hodgkin's), having chest x-rays and neck CT scan (swollen Lymph). Any ideas?


It will be the polyps affecting the adrenal glands that are at the root of your problem.

It is a bit complicated and I will happily explain it to you in detail if you want me to, but putting it simply, the adrenals keep your blood pressure stable. Therefore it is possible that if there is a problem involving the adrenal glands that it will affect your blood pressure.

If your blood pressure suddenly drops, you will feel lightheaded and dizzy and get a senthat you are about to faint.

Once this problem is sorted everything else will be ok.

I wouldn't actually advise you to run great distances until this is under control because it is quite possible that you will faint with this condition.

I hope this has helped and I really do hope that you are very soon feeling back to normal again.

With very best wishes.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know that I have polyps, only that my doctor wants to test for them; she thinks its unlikely. Also, my blood pressure and pulse have been up lately. I also recently found out I have mild sinusitis, and I've decided to follow up with an ear nose and throat specialist. My primary care physician seems to think I'm suffering from anxiety and depression, maybe post traumatic stress disorder (I had Hodgkins in 1991) more than anything, but I started suffering these symptoms before I knew I had anything to be anxious about (i.e. glaucoma) and I'm going to see the specialist even though she thinks its unnecessary.

OK sweetheart.

Even if there isn't a problem with the adrenals low blood pressure can cause these symptoms but if as you say, it isn't low we will look elsewhere.

Certainly as you have mentioned, panic attacks can cause these feelings and also imflamed sinuses.

Now that I know your blood pressure is ok I think I am more likely to go down the road of anxiety attacks. These are a physical response by your body to things that you may not even be aware of causing anxiety or distress. It does not as the name implies, have to be caused by recognizable panic or anxiety.

They are extremely common and can hit at any age. They actually disappear as quickly as they come. Your medication should help, but I can promise you that they will not last forever. Nothing lasts forever, not even this.

I do so hope you get them under control very soon because I do know how frightening they can be and how the distress can interfere with the normal running of your life.

Love Mel.

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