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Which one of the following choices best represents an

Customer Question

Which one of the following choices best represents an
advantage of cardiorespiratory fitness?
A. Decrease in fat stores
B. Decrease in muscle mass
C. Decrease in bone mass
D. Decrease in oxygen intake
VO2max is related to which one of the following choices?
A. The efficiency of the body to secrete perspiration and take in lactic acid
B. The ability of the body to endure exercise without oxygen
C. The efficiency of the body to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide
D. The efficiency of the body to take in carbon dioxide and eliminate oxygen
Which one of the following types of training involves 10 to 30 minutes of highintensity
A. Interval C. Long, steady distance
B. Anaerobic D. Medium range
The most common reason given for dropping out of a cardio program is
A. muscle soreness and fatigue. C. burnout.
B. lack of time. D. illness or injury.
If a client’s knees hurt after a one-week walking regimen, which one of the following
suggestions is most appropriate?
A. Wear different shoes.
B. Switch to anaerobic exercise.
C. Take a week’s rest from exercise.
D. Jog in a swimming pool.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Onlinedoc replied 8 years ago.
I hope this helps.