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I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed five days ago.

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I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed five days ago. I've been taking pain medication (hydrocodone I believe is how it's spelled) but today I haven't taken any because the medicine has been making me feel a little sick after it wears off.

Since I haven't taken it today, I've had this extremely bad pain where my lower right wisdom tooth was removed. It feels like there's a hole there which I heard was normal but it's the only spot that hurts and I'm afraid I might have a dry socket. Is there any way to confirm this with out making another appointment at the dentist? Is there a way to self medicate if I DO have a dry socket?


No, there is no way to treat a dry socket at home if it is indeed a dry socket. It typically involves a Dentist inserting a medicated material into the dry socket daily to help relieve the pain and heal the area. Typically, when inspecting the area where the tooth was extracted you will see an empty hole or even bone can be seen because the blood clot is no longer there.

Pain will be your guide. If the pain gets severe enough, you will be searching for someone to help you and If you do indeed have a dry socket, it will also delay the healing process.

Pain 5 days out is completely normal and so is the 'hole' you are feeling. Since you have taken all of your medicine and have basically kept the pain at bay since the extraction, feeling the discomfort at this stage is expected.

So basically, the hallmart sign of a dry socket is terrible pain and a bad odor and taste coming from the area.

Dry sockets will eventually heal on it's own, but most times the pain gets too unbearable for the patient to endure and sometimes infection will also be a factor with a dry socket.

I would suggest that if you are still having pain that increases or does not improve in the next 2 days to give your oral surgeon a call and see if they can work you in to be looked at.

Hope this helps


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well I wasn't really concerned about the pain up until I actually did start having this weird sort of taste in my mouth coming from that area (as best I could tell) and I've been brushing my teeth to try and get rid of it and rinsing with my mouthwash but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Should I still wait a few more days before I get too concerned?

Thanks for the reply

Yes, you can wait a few more days to see if the pain increases. If the pain does not increase and you do not notice any more symptoms, I would say that it sounds like part of the healing process.

It is normal to have a hole where the tooth was taken out and it is also normal to have pain and discomfort as well. Dry socket is a very painful condition and I think if you were having a dry socket, you would be in some amazing pain and would be seeking help.

If nothing else, you could place a call into your Dentist/Oral Surgeon's office tomorrow morning and ask the personnel there if they feel like you should be seen. If the Dr had a hard time with that one in particular tooth while extracting, it might be normal for it to be more sore than the others...and they would have this on file. However, I do not see anything in your post that makes me think you have a dry socket at this time.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much for you help, I appreciate it a lot. My last question is if you have any suggestions on how to possibly ease the pain aside from the pain medication, I'm not sure what would help. If you don't have any suggestions then thank you very much for you time.

Glad to be of help

Help for pain at home for tooth extractions is very limited. Oral medications is about the only thing you can do. Your dentist has some medicated material that they literally stuff down into the hole left after the extraction that will help heal the area and prevent, aside from the mouthwash they gave you and something like Aleve, or Advil, there is not much else you can do.

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