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Q1) A break in a bone, without penetration of the skin

Resolved Question:

q1) A break in a bone, without penetration of the skin surface over the fracture site, called---
a) Open b)spiral c)greenstick d) closed.      (q2). An extra-uterine pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum begins to develop out side the uterus is described as --a) pre-eclampsic,
b)toxemic c) Ectopic, d) PID.    (q3) The --------- name of a drug is its official name. a) chemical
b) brand C) Generic d)Organic (q4)---------- is a type of arrhythmia characterized by a cardiac cycle that occurs before the next cycle is due, and in which a patient's complaint might be the feeling of the heart "skipping a beat". A) PVC-Premature ventricular contraction, B) V-fib-ventricular fibrillation C ) V-tach-ventricular tachycardia D) Bradycardia (Q5). An imaginary line that divides the body into top and bottom is called ----- A) Transverse plane B)Sagittal Plane C) Midsagittal plane D) Pelvic-lumbar line.   (q6) The 2nd portion of small intestine called---
A)Colon b) sigmoid C)Duodenum   D) Jejunu
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 8 years ago.
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