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I was in an auto accident. Due to this accident, I have lost

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I was in an auto accident. Due to this accident, I have lost the curvature in my cervical spine, I have 2 bulging discs in my lumbar spine with continuous stabbing pains in my butocks and down the outside of my legs, 2 bulges and a protrusion in my cervical spine that is flattening and pressing on my thecal sac. I have since then developed tremors in both arms and hands, muscle spasms in my neck, back and feet (Things I've never had to deal with before). I even suffered an incidence where my middle finger locked in the middle of my hand and I was unable to release it. It released itself after about 2-3 minutes. I have had an epidural injection in my cervical and lumbar spine that did not help. I've had a neurologist tell me that my tremors are not due to the accident which is very hard for me to believe. He stated that it was an essential tremor. I have never had this problem before, nor does anyone in my family have this problem. Should I see another neurologist?



What is your age?


Do you take any medications (presumably so)...?


When did you develop the tremors in relation to the auto accident?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The orthopedic surgeon who did the injections gave me soma at first for the spasms. I did not like it then he changed the rx to flexeril. He also prescribed for the pain. I've been taking alot of ibuprofen because of the way the other medications make me feel. I have a 5 year old son that I have to be coherent for.

As for the tremors, I would say I noticed them a month after and they have progressively gotten worse.



First of all, I would like to note that the Flexeril lists tremor as a common side effect of the medication. That being said, if you can correlate the tremors to after you started the Flexeril, that might be your answer. If not, the tremors could be related. I would suggest having a nerve conduction study done before you change Neurologist. Tremors themselves can be caused by medications (such as antidepressants, amphetamines, caffeine, or even withdrawal from narcotics and other medications), thyroid disorders, MS, and even head injuries. Usually, MRI of the brain, blood test and even Cat Scan of the head are used to diagnose tremors. So, in light of this, if the appropriate test have been made and a diagnosis has been made, then no, I would stick with this same Dr. If not, and this Dr is not willing to investigate further into the cause, you should seek a second opinion.



Hope this helps






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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The tremors came before the medications. I was in the accident in November of 2007. I noticed them around December of 2007. I was seeing a chiropractor who then referred me to the orthopedic surgeon who I didn't see until February of 2008. He then prescribed the medications.

As for the neurologist, he did want to do an EMG on me after I made him listen a liitle more, but my attorney is asking what for. He doesn't think I need one if the neurologist is ruling out the tremors as not being related to my accident. My biggest problem with the neurologist is that I felt like I was rushed and he didn't listen to me. He mentioned some condition that I could have that has resulted from the accident. It had something to do with the stiffness in my neck and weakness and tingling in my arms and hands. Should I have the test done?

Yes, I do feel like you need more testing. I do not feel like he could diagnose you appropriately without proper testing. If essential tremors are to blame, then atleast you will know that they are not caused by other precipitating factors.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Im sorry to be a pain. But my main question is could the issues going on with my spine have anything to do with my tremors? I understand that the flexeril could have the effect, but the tremors came before I started taking the flexeril. Im concerned that the neurologist that I am seeing has already ruled the tremors out as just an essential tremor, which is exactlt the same thing you just called it. And if so will he treat me appropriately if he's only considering my tremor as and essential tremor and not as a result of the accident. I don't want to continue to see someone who's going to just blow me off. He only offered to do the test after I kept saying that I find it hard to believe that its just an essential tremor. I have never had this problem before, nor is there anyone in my family (young and old)that has experienced an essential tremor.

My question is should I continue to see a neurologist who is going to barely examine me and blwo me off and tell me oh its just an essential tremor OR go to see someone who is actually going to take the time to run the appropriate tests on their own to diagnose me correctly without me pushing the issue. If I am getting the definition of an essential tremor incorrect, please feel free to explain.

No problem at all.


I feel like the cervical spine injury could certainly cause weakness and shakiness in your hands, and yes, even fine tremors (from the possible nerve impingement on the spinal nerves). Familial tremors are due to a genetic mutation. Essential tremors have unknown causes....people who don't have a genetic link. That being said, your Neurologist may not know what the tremors are coming from and have labeled them 'essential tremors' because the cause of essential tremors is still unclear. You sound like you are ready to move on to a different physician since this one is not giving you the attention, time and treatment you deserve, so it might be a good idea to move on at this point.





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