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Can an AB positive mother produce a O positive child My foster

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Can an AB positive mother produce a O positive child? My foster daughter is O positive and her mother is AB positive but she thinks her father is not her real dad because he has A positive blood and she has O positive. Is this possible with a AB positive mother?
SO you are asking if the mother is AB positive and the father is A positive can they have an O positive child?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes or if there is a probablilty that her "father" is not her father. Also, she is also a twin but her supposed identical twin has AB+ blood. Her parents were not each others single partners at the time of conception and she is wondering if it is possible that her mother was impregnated by two donors and her and her sister are from different fathers even though they were born at the same time.
Regarding your question, an AB mother and an A father do NOT have an O child. If the mother is AB and the child is O then the father must be O too. However, an O father cannot have an AB child with an AB mother. Something strange is going on here.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

As I stated my foster daughter thinks that her and her sibling may have been two seperate eggs fertilized by two seperate men...her siblings being her "fathers" and her being another man. Would this be possible if the mother had two eggs to be fertilized and had intercourse with two different men? This would explain the different blood types in her and her "twin" would it not?

That has happened but it extremely rare. ANd yes, that would explain what you are describing.
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