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i have what i think is gentile warts but i have never gone

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i have what i think is gentile warts but i have never gone to a doctor to check it out is it true that there is no cure and what would be a good treatment?                             Ps I have had them since I was 13 or14 I can not remember and I have not been with anyone. I am now 19 and am trying to get rid of them. I want a family someday but I don't want to spred them. Plus I have isolated myself from girls I really like so I don't get too attached to them. Life has been tough now and I need your proffesional opinion. Thanks for your help.

Symptoms of genital warts include raised, flesh-colored lesions on the genitals, anus, or surrounding skin, cauliflower-like appearing growths around the anus or genitals, increased dampness or moisture in the area of the growths, and itching of the penis, scrotum, or anal area. You can read more about genital warts here
In order to know for sure, you need to see your doctor for an exam and testing. Your doctor may treat genital warts by applying a skin treatment in the office. Or, the doctor may prescribe a medication that you apply at home several times per week. Other treatments include freezing, laser, or surgery. The type of treatment done is dependant on the number, size, and location of the warts Condoms may help reduce the risk of spreading the infection, but they do not fully protect against genital contact. There are treatments for genital warts, though they often disappear even without treatment. With proper treatment, genital wart outbreaks of usually can be controlled. However, the warts frequently reappear after treatment. Even after you have been treated for HPV, you may still infect others.
If you go here, this lists all the current treatments, depending on the location.;_ylt=AogQ0Ylgoghl9YNeSY0Q4ZHdNLUF#uf6252-sec
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