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My search begins here. I am intrested in repairs for AVN on

Resolved Question:

My search begins here. I am intrested in repairs for AVN on the head of My femor bone. It has been hurting since 2003. Had to use a cane for a year, in the early stages, now I only need it occasionally,but the pain still persists. "too vain for the cane" needs to know if I'm causing more damage by not using the cane when I should be?? I have lost 40 lbs. this last year and pool PT for 3 months now,228lbs 5'8" I also have major back degeneration of the bones and disks.the Back was dicovered in HighSchool and wore a traction brace for 2 years in 1976-77 I am 47 years old now and on SSD I am very intrested in FVFG and Dr. Joel Matta in Los Angeles Calif. I have not had the de-presure drilling,   Thank You in advance, and God Bless. Thomas,,,,,[email protected]
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
Probably you are not taking right way of treatment.You should know it that even if it is grade one of AVN even after that there are only 5-20% of success on non weight bearing therapy.Between no treatment & treatment by core decompression for grade 1 there is difference of about 50% in my opinion you should first get an evaluation with a mRI scan & then should go for surgery if it has progressed.
Hope this will help you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am courious about the FVFG repair,,,is that the one where a core is drilled out and marrow replaced with a new blood supply ( I guess the core goes all the way to the surface of the femoral head) this seems like a repair instead of just pressure release? 7 years ago this was in experimentation @ the unversities UCD $ Stanford, is this what I should consider, and is waiting making my hip worse? where can I research this?
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
The only core decompression is technique where the central part of femur is drilled in to relieve the pressure inside the bone & to neovascularize the part.However this is successful in gr.1/2.
The FVFG is ultimate technique you should have it ,this replaces the avascular part with a new attached vascular supply & its results are good in comparison to decompression surgery.It is not experimental now but used for treatment.
   I am of the opinion that waiting will make your hip worse & early intervention will prevent further complication.
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