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My daughter was supposed to have her period on Friday the

Resolved Question:

My daughter was supposed to have her period on Friday the 29th. Her and her boyfriend were having intercouse on Thursday the 28th and the condom broke. She still hasnt had her period, will she still or does this mean that shed is pregnant?? Why??? and what does this mean?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Charogat replied 8 years ago.
Based on dates alone it seems unlikely that she would be pregnant.
Has this been the only time that she has had a broken condom, on any kind of unprotected sex? Also, condoms are not 100% reliable (I believe that depending on the study, and the condom, the reliability is 97.3% - 99.5%) so taking a pregnancy test would not be a bad idea.
The time of fertility is approximately around day 14 of the cycle. Menstruation starts the cycle, so Thursday would not have been a time where she would have been fertile.
Also, there are other things that can throw off the dates of a period, such as stress, extreme weight loss, various other issues in the body. So giving it a few days would make sense as well.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
when can she take a pregnancy test?
Expert:  Charogat replied 8 years ago.
Most pregnancy test claim to be reliable at one week after a missed period. Some of them even claim earlier.
If she went to the doctor / emergency room (that is something I am NOT recommending) there are some tests they can do that might show a pregnancy sooner.
Also, if she took the test earlier than a week (each test says on the box what their claim of reliability is) if the results is positive then you have a pretty definitive diagnosis. If it is negative you would be better served by taking a test again at a later date.
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