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Mel., Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Qualified in 1977,have extensive coronary care & general experience,plus stress related conditions.
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I have a stinging pain the middle of my wrist, right where

Customer Question

I have a stinging pain the middle of my wrist, right where my wrist bends. The pain is worse when I bend it down. When I bend it upwards its more of a shooting pain.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Mel. replied 8 years ago.



It sounds very much like a strain or sprain pain to me. If you could get a wrist support (you know the ones with a little splint in to keep the wrist straight) it would undoubtedly help, or indeed a supporting bandage.


Non prescription pain killers may not be strong enough if it is a sprain so I would suggest you seeing your GP to get something stronger. He/she may consider sending you for an x-ray.


Just a couple of safety checks you might like to do.....Feel for your radial pulse. It is on the thumb side of the inner wrist. feel for it with your fingers never your thumb as the thumb has a pulse of its own and could give you a false reading. You don't need to count, just make sure the pulse is present


Also especially if there is any swelling involved, check that the fingers aren't blue. Pinch a finger or thumb nail and then let it go When you release the pressure you should see the pink colour return to the nail immediately. if it does not or if there is a delay and especially if there is also no pulse present, go to you nearest A&E/ER.


I am not trying to frighten you, I do not think for one minute anything like that will happen but it is always good to know signs to look out for.


I hope this has helped and I hope your wrist feels much better soon.


Love mel.X


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