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Can Rhodiola be taken with Paxil?

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Can Rhodiola be taken with Paxil?


Thank you for writing to JustAnswer with your question.

There have been no studies of whether the herb Rhodiola is safe to take along with Paxil.

But also, there is no documented incidences of interactions of Rhodiola with this medication.

Rhodiola has been used for centuries as a folk remedy (see reference below from Wkipedia.)

Per Wikipedia, there is some evidence that Rhodiola has a positive effect on seretonin.

The danger of taking two seretonin enhancing products (paxil and rhodiola) at one time is a condition called seretonin syndrome - a dangerous condition where blood pressure elevation and sudden rise in temperature can occur - this can cause seizures and physical damage to the brain when this occurs.

The best situation would be to take one of these, rather than both at the same time, at least in the beginning. If then, the Paxil or the Rhodiola do not provide the help you need, then you could discuss with your physician about taking these two products together.

If you choose to take these together, it would be a good idea to monitor your vital signs, including blood pressure and temperature closely. But if seretonin syndrome were to occur, there is not necessarily any way to reverse this quickly, and you would need to seek help immediately in ER.

Again there have been no documented cases in the literature of Rhodiola causing seretonin syndrome when taken with another seretonin enhancing substance, but theoretically this is a possiblity.

For information available at this time on Rhodiola, see:

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