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What might be causing my body temperature to be 94 degree F.

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What might be the cause of my body temperature to be 94 F. It has been like this for over a period of months? No other symptom of hypothermia are present. Temperature is measured with a mercury digital thermometer, under the tongue and is calibrated by using it to measure the temperature of my wife who has normal temperature.


Hypothermia , is a condition where a person has a core body temperature less than 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C.

Sometimes, without any symptoms, an individual has a low body temperature. This should not be ignored. It indicates, some underlying cause. The cause can be-

1. Hormonal abnormalities like, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary disorders.

2. Diabetes and other hormonal diseases.

3. Overwhelming infection and sepsis.

The diagnosis of hypothermia is done with-a special rectal thermometer as the oral or ear temperatures are not accurate in very cold patients. So, doctor should check through rectal temperature.

Most likely, in your case, Thyroid and diabetes, are the causes for low body temperature.

The treatment should be advised , only after clinical evaluation and blood work.

Please see your doctor for the clinical diagnosis and management.

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