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I just fell & hit my head on the asphalt driveway did not pass

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I just fell & hit my head on the asphalt driveway did not pass out there is a bump w/small res dot @ top of bump. I've appllied ice should I go to emergency? Thanks.    Fern

Hello, and sorry to hear about your fall, that's not any fun.


So if you fell from a standing position, (not from a ladder or something), and you had no loss of consciousness, and you are on no blood thinners such as coumadin, you should be fine. What I would do though is if you're alone, call someone and tell them what happened, and have them call you back in a couple hours to check up on you.


Also, if you begin having any other symptoms such as trouble talking or unusual sleepiness, you should go in.


I hope this helps, if you have further questions, let me know, best wishes...




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