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Is it possible for a 57 year old healthy male - intoxicated

Customer Question

Is it possible for a 57 year old healthy male - intoxicated - falling down 6 carpeted stairs i.n his home get the following injuries - lateral fractures of left ribs 1-6 - posterior fractures of left ribs 1-12 -psterior fractures of right ribs 11 and l2 - fractured ribs left side protruded into left pleural cavity - 200 ml. of liquid blood found. He also had injuries to head, neck,face, thorax. contusions of arms and legs etc. Also could he have got up and walked after this. Also how long would it take to die with these injuries. If the body is left for 24 hours can you still give a day and approximate time he died even though rigor mortis has set in. Also could you send back these questions with your answer. Thankyou.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoctorS replied 8 years ago.
Dear Lesley Ewan,
This is a very complicated queestion. It is possible that these things are possible, but in order to really understand the mechanism of injury it would be necessary to examine the injuries on the body and the exact location where these injuries took place. It is certainly possible to experience severe injury from falling down 6 carpeted stairs, but depends on the mechanism of fall, impact, what part of the body was hit upon falling, etc. The rib fractures would cause a hemothorax or blood in the pleural cavity, from whatever mechanism of injury that may have occurred. It is possible for a pathologist to determine the site of death that would need to be evaluated by the person who examined this individual.
I hope this is helpful and hope that if seeking answers more specific to the person in the question, you will be able to ask of the doctors directly involved in this individuals' care.
Please let me know if you have more questions.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He did die from the punctured lung. What I need to know is - with those injuries would he not be in so much pain - or maybe unconscious at the foot of the stairs? He supposedly got up, walked to a bedroom, TURNED DOWN A BED and climbed into a high four poster bed , lay on his back and put an arm behind his head, propped up as if to watch television and died - with those injuries would that not be so painful - pulling the body frame - to do that? How long would it take to die from that lung puncture?