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I had a vasectmy 14 yrs ago, I dont think I can reverse it

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I had a vasectmy 14 yrs ago, I don't think I can reverse it now, but is it possible to have my sperm withdrawn from me, and do invertro
Your choices would either be vasectomy reversal, or drawing the sperm out and having in vitro done. After a reversal is done, on average it takes a year for pregnancy to occur. Some pregnancies occur within the first few months after the reversal is done, while for others it takes several years later. One of the factors that influences pregnancy rates is the obstructive interval, which is the duration of time between when your vasectomy was done, and when the reversal is done. The cost of reversal varies widely, ranging from about $5000-$1200. Most couples opt for revrsal, as it is less time consuming and less costly than in vitro. This site has further information, including finding a doctor in your area who does this type of surgery
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm trying to understand, please bare with me, so they would be able to withdraw from, (at a great expense,) but it could be done, Just wanting to clarify. Also, as to the reversal, are you saying that due to the time span,it might not work. (Iknow nothing is guaranted..)
A needle is used to withdrawn sperm, and then in vitro is done. In vitro however doesn't always take the first time, plus you have additional fees of medications and doctor's visits so it can be quite expensive. For reversal a doctor would need to go over your surgical records and medical history. The average is a year for pregnancy to occur after a reversal is done. Vasectomy reversal leads to pregnancy in about 52 percent of couples within two years.
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