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Benjamin Lynch
Benjamin Lynch, Naturopathic Physician
Category: Health
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Experience:  Cell and Molecular Biology, B.Sc. ; Licensed Naturopathic Physician (WA State)
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I submitted a question about stiffness, burning, pain and tingling

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I submitted a question about stiffness, burning, pain and tingling in my feet and ankles immediately after I smoke my pipe. The question was very thoughtfully answered by Dr. Dev. I made a good faith deposit of $100.00 for any further information Dr. Dev could provide me about the possible severity of this problem and any possible "quick" cures for it that might enable me to get to work; as well as definitions of any diseases mentioned in his previous and any subsequent replies. My question is whether Dr Dev has anything he can add to his previous responses, realizing that I must step out for a couple of hours to attend to matters pertaining to my daughters wedding that is to take place tomorrow. Dr Dev is awesome!
Hi there -

It sounds like you may have Buerger's disease:

I would discuss these symptoms with your physician.

Quitting smoking is the best thing to do for it.

Otherwise there are nutrients you may consider like Nattokinase which helps break blood clots. If you are on any blood thinners or aspirin or hemophiliac, you must not take it.

Talk with a doctor before considering Nattokinase.

Niacin and MSM are also vasodilators which means you may get increased blood flow throughout your body thereby reducing the pain and tingling.

If you have pain, tingling and numbness and you are diabetic, taking Alpha Lipoic acid and L-Carnitine are outstanding at getting the neuropathy to go away. Liquid fish oils and EPA and DHA are excellent as well.

In health,
Dr Ben
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