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I had my first L-5 S-1 spinal fusion w/hardware on 1/25/08.

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I had my first L-5 S-1 spinal fusion w/hardware on 1/25/08. I continued to have severe back and RT leg pain all of 08. My Dr told me i was healing inspite of the pain. One CT scan 2 weeks post op crooked pedicle screw was not causing the pain. Surgery on 1/27/09 to remove broken hardware assured fusion was solid-pain still excruciating now I walk with a cane and have been fired from my job. 2-opinion fusion slipping go back to old doc to fix and/or get a morphine pump. I am 36 years old my life is over.
Have you had a post-op MRI scan?

And been evaluated by another surgeon who said you should have a re-fusion of your old surgery?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes I had a second opinion this week with an ortopedic surgeon after another CT scan and MRI. His opinion was go back to my org. surgeon to fix the problem and/or get a morphine pump and live with it. The CT and x-ray show the L-5 S-1 fusion has hairline cracks and is slipping. L-4 has a small herniation also but the doc doesn't want to touch us with a ten foot pole since we have an attorney involved for possible malpractice.

The org. Neur refused to believe I had continued problems and even had an xray in his office for two months that showed a broken pedicle screw on the same side as the crooked screw.

Well, if you have an attorney involved for medical malpractice -- there will be no surgeon that is willing to help you until your case is resolved.

No surgeon wants to get involved in a medical malpractice case.

Unfortunately, for you, that means your original surgeon is also not likely to do anything for you.

Once the case is resolved, I would recommend further evaluation from another independent surgeon, flexion and extension films of your lumbar spine (to see if there is indeed instability) and then consideration for refusion at that level, as instability in the spine can certainly be the cause of pain.
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