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My results for the first hiv 1/2,eia was reactive and

Resolved Question:

my results for the first hiv 1/2,eia was reactive and western blot indeterminate p24 and no bands.. i then had a test that reads panel 083824 - hiv 1/0/2 abs - index value <1.00/index value:specimen reactivity relative to the negative cut off. also, states hiv 1/0/2 abs,qual - non reactive... i am waiting on the rna, b-dna and hiv-1 rna test that are not yet ready.. please tell me what are the chances of me being hiv positive or negative?? please.....what does this all mean??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoctorS replied 8 years ago.
The test you've listed the HIV panel 083824 is negative, which is very sensitive, meaning that you have an extremely unlikely chance of being positive. It sounds like the RNA and other PCR tests are your doctor's attempt at being very careful because so far the most helpful tests have been non-reactive which means that it is very very very likely that you are HIV negative.
I hope you can get some reassurance with this and best of luck wtih the test results.
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