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effects and side effects of prescription

Resolved Question:

I live in a Latin American country and my doctor has prescribed Nucleo C.M.P. Forte as a remedy for my frequent neck pain. The composition of this capsule is: Citidin-5'-monofosfato disodico 5 mg, and Uridin-5'monofosfato disodico 3 mg. What are the EFFECTS and SIDE-EFFECTS of this medicine?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Heal replied 8 years ago.



what dose / how many are you taking per day?


with best regards,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The dose is in my original question-- 5mg and 3mg. One per day.

Expert:  Dr Heal replied 8 years ago.

Thanks. Right the 5 mg and 3 mg are the weight composition of the ingredients in this drug but i wanted to know the number of capsules that you have been advised. Now pl hold on let me list out the details for you in a short while.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok. thank you.
Expert:  Dr Heal replied 8 years ago.

Indications and usage - The ingredients are mainly Neuromuscular disorders deficiency product components.

Contraindications - None known. Unless there is an allergy to any component.

Pharmacologic Actions - Núcleo CMP Forte adds phosphate groups required for the binding of monosaccharides with ceraminas to form phosphatidic acid and brains that are the esfingomielina and glicerofosfolípidos, main components of the myelin sheath, which achieves higher trophic properties for maturation and axonal regeneration of nerve tissue.

It is known that most of the pathological manifestations of the peripheral nervous system, there is a nerve degeneration characterized by a demyelination, and that the regeneration process requires a protein synthesis - intense lipid

Núcleo CMP Forte contains two nucleotides (CMP, UTP) of special action on the biochemical synthesis of nucleic acids of lipids (phospholipids, nitrogenous lipids) and protein.


The cytidine monophosphate (CMP) is involved in these processes of synthesis, the transfer factor is indispensable for the formation of complex lipids (lecithin, esfingomielina etc.) Components of the nervous system, especially cell membranes of the neuron and the sheath myelin .

Lipid metabolism and lipid complex to form the brain and gangliosides as its derivative binds to the UDP galactose ceramic forming processes in the synthesis of cerebrósiodos; acetyl glucosamine and UDP-acetylglucosamine produced which reacts with phosphoenolpyruvate leading sialico to acids and neuranímico which are integrated into the molecule of gangliosides

Interactions with other drugs - None known.

Incompatibilities - none have been referred

Adverse Reactions - Not described or documented anywhere, but if there is any adverse reactions attributable to the taking of medication consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Given the low toxicity of the preparation does not provide for even the accidental poisoning.

Mutagenicity and carcinogenicity have not been mentioned .-


Pregnancy and Lactation: There are no contraindications for use referred to in pregnancy, however, it is advised that the dosing schedule to be established by the physician.


Pediatrics .- Not referred

Geriatrics .- Not referred


Hope this information helps you.


with best regards,


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