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I woke up this morning with a very sore jaw. It seems to be

Resolved Question:

I woke up this morning with a very sore jaw. It seems to be misaligned and slightly out of place on the left side. I can shut my mouth and touch my teeth together, but I can tell they're sort of "off." I've never had any sort of jaw problems or TMJ before, nor have I had any trauma to the area.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
   Will you please answer some questions-
1.Is there any recent history of any ENT (ear,nose ,throat )problem?
2.Are you able to round your lips for whistling easily,able to clench teeth,able to blow your cheeks,just see this in mirror & do it & see for any deviation towards any side?
Pleasae reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

1. No.

2. Whistling is easy with no pain. Clenching teeth hurts on the left side. Blowing cheeks is easy with no pain. It doesn't look like there is any deviation to speak of. Maybe the slightest away from the left toward the right.

Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
By desxscription it looks that you may have infection or may have periodontal inflammation.For relief you should do following-
1.Take advil to have relief.
2.You may have an antibiotic with broad spectrum activity like ciprofloxacin with tinidazol on your doctor's prescription.
3.You should keep the dental hygiene good.
4.Do mouth gargles with an antiseptic solution.
Hope this will help you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you. I have a couple follow-up questions...

1. If I had infection, would I not have a fever or feel "unwell?" I feel perfectly fine except for waking up with the jaw issue.

2. I have great oral hygiene, thankfully. :) I happen to have my six-month dental check-up scheduled for Monday morning. Should this issue not resolve by Monday, is this something my dentist might be able to treat?

Again, thank you! :)

Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 8 years ago.
it should be there but it must not be ALWAYS there.
I think withe treatment i have posted you you may have relief in three days.
Yes your dentist is able to treat this.
Have a nice time.
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