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I started exercising after several years of not doing any at

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i started exercising after several years of not doing any at all! after running on a treadmill i have been bleeding . three years ago i started jive dancing classes and the same thing happened. i have no pain or discomfort. my recent smear test was ok. i went to my practioner nurse who said i would need to see my gp and she would probably refer me for a colposcopy ( not sure if this is the correct spelling! ) she also said she could see something that looked like the tail of a coil but this is impossible as i havent had a coil for over 30 years! she tried to remove it with forceps but couldnt. can you please help?
   Will you please answer some questions-
1.It looks that you are post menopausal,so since when you have stopped menstruating?
2.Are you taking any drugs?
3.Is there any chronic disease like diabetes?
4.Is there any history of sudden weight loss recently?
5.Are you under any stress?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I am not post menopausal I still have regular periods which last 3 to 4 days however every third period is very heavy and sometimes there are large blood clots.

I have recently changed my antidepressant perscription to LOFEPRAMINE ( i have been taking antidepressants most of my adult life ) but i donot think this change has anything to do with my symptoms as i have had the symptons for a few years.

as far as i am aware there has not been any chronic disease like diabetes in my immediate family. there has been no sudden weight loss recently and no stress

   By looking at all description & your age i think you should have a complete gynae check up as this may be due to the presence of the polyp(loose pedunculated growth) or fibroid(a mass made from the uterine tissue).
   The nurse which had examined you & tried to pull a probable coil in you,that may be a part of the polyp.Your doctor will examine you & prescribe for a USG lower abdomen & pelvic organs which will help in diagnosing your problem.
Hope this will be helpful.
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