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I'm 52yrs old 5"10 and weigh 210 lbs. I had what was

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Hello, I'm 52yrs old 5"10 and weigh 210 lbs. I had what was described as a "huge" meniscus cartiledge tear repaired on my right knee November 4th-08. Following the surgery there was a lot of bruising and mild swelling all the way down the shin to the ankle. The worst was on the inside of the leg near the knee. Pre surgery I was told to expect my recovery to take a few days. Instead, upon the 72 hr follow up I was told I had a bone adema (that they had missed in the MRI) and was given crutches and fitted for a brace. It was two months before I could take off the brace and walk reasonbly comfortably. I'm told I have "moderate" arthritis now. Did my doctor underestimate something? Since the surgery I've had the knee drained twice and it keeps swelling back up. A little less each time but still the swelling and fluid retention returns and causes tightness, pain and discomfort in certain positions. I can't lay flat when I sleep for example. Mobility is limited. In some ways I'm better but I seem to have a new set of problems. Is this swelling my new norm? I asked that at the last draining but really got a vauge response. Should I continue to have it drained periodicaly? Is there a risk in not having it drained? I've since lost my insurance and am trying to get answers without the expense of the office visit.Thank you so much!!
      By reading all about you it looks that you have developed post traumatic arthritis which is a known complication with the meniscal injury.
   Effusion is a common accompaniment with the arthritis knee as nature itself works to prevent its organs from further trauma.You need not to withdraw the fluid from the knee again & again until unless it is big enough to bother you from pain or it is disturbing with your normal functioning.
   You may do following to have treatment-
1.If you are overweight then the first priority is to decrease your weight.As increase weight will put more load on your knee.
2.Avoid strenuous activities & sitting cross legged,frequent staring up or down.
3.Start doing quadriceps exercises of the knee which will strengthen your muscles surrounding the knee & put load away from the knee.
4.You may have drugs which will help in preventing & progressing arthritic changes at the knee like glucosamine,chondroitin & diacerin.
5.You may ask to your doctor about viscosupplementatin by injection which will give normal compressibility to the knee cartilage.
Hope this will help you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Excellent answer. Very helpful.