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Dr Wu
Dr Wu, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board certified family physician, extensive experience in adult medicine, specalizes in geriatrics.
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My husband 63 years old has heart failer, he is on the list

Customer Question

My husband 63 years old has heart failer, he is on the list for a new heart, his body is putting water on his legs so bad, they are now leaking in some areas, creating sores. Infection looks like its setting in, we do not have medical insurance to privide proper treatment, I cant get husband to go to the hospital, his doctor only acted as it its not big deal, it is to me. My husband had a dubble by pass last June. But he keeps swelling and I give him no salt, wont let him have salt, but he eats fruit, vedgies, still gains water in his legs, he is so big around the belly, and pink, Im worried.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Wu replied 8 years ago.


Thank you for submitting your question.

How much lasix is your husband taking right now?

Does he have a fever? Are his legs hot to touch?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hes taking it 3 times a day,

very cold to touch, very hard, leaves finger imprent, hes pail looking so no feaver

Expert:  Dr Wu replied 8 years ago.

The most important thing now is to control the swelling in his legs. Based on your description, his legs are grossly swollen and his skin is at risk for breaking down and forming sores. Fortunately he is not showing signs of an infection( no fever, redness, warmth).

This is what he needs to do. Keep his legs elevated at all times. When he sits, rest his legs on a stool. When he lies down, put 2 pillows under his legs to keep them higher than the level of the heart. This will help drain the excess fluid. I am glad he is eating a low salt diet. Consult with his physician and see if limiting his fluid intake is necessary( I usually recommend less than 1.5L a day).

In addition, you can buy elastic bandages from your local drugstore and wrap his legs with them. This will help get rid of the swelling even faster. Do it in the morning, and take it off at night. You should see a difference within days.

He probably needs a higher dose of the lasix. Perhaps his physician is willing to call in a prescription if your husband refuses to go to the clinic.

I hope this is helpful