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Ive been having chest pains for a while, ive had tests like

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ive been having chest pains for a while, ive had tests like ecg, blood and x-ray that show that my heart is ok but still the pains are there especially when i lean forward and now it seems to be effecting my arms and legs especially the joints.
What parts of your arms are affected? Do you have pains that seem to radiate into the hands?

Where exactly in the legs is painful? Is the pain radiating from the back/hips down the legs?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the elbow, wrist and get pins and needles in fingers .. my legs feel week especially round the knee joint. the pain doest seem to radiate but just seems to stay at those areas.
Is one side of the hand worse?

For example, is the thumb and index fingers worse? Or the pinky and ring fingers?

And is this only on the palm side of the hand, or on the back side of the hand as well?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

the right hand seems to be a little worse than the left and it effects the pinky


Do you have neck pain at all? Or does the tingling in the hands get worse with movement of the neck?

And is the chest pains primarily the upper chest area only, near the collarbones?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no i don't get neck pain. no the tingling doesnt get effected by the neck. the chest pains are central and at the side of the chest especially when i lean forward.

In this case, it probably sounds like there is more than one thing going on.

The tingling in the fingers, especially the pinky finger which goes up to the elbow and arm can be related to "pinching" of a nerve, either in the neck area, or the elbow area. Considering you don't have neck pain, it may be more likely in the elbow area, though having a herniated disc in the neck can often cause pain/numbness in the arms without significant neck pain.

The following is a description of ulnar neuropathy, compression of the nerve at the elbow:

As for the chest pain, your doctors have ruled out a heart cause, which is good, so one has to wonder about chest wall pains, or nerve pains as well. Hopefully the doctors have ruled out inflammation of the heart lining, "pericarditis", which is classic for chest pain while leaning forward. As for the pain in the leg, those could also be coming from nerve issues or inflammatory issues.

Essentially, you still need more evaluation to figure this out, because further bloodwork to rule out inflammatory causes for joint pains (arthritis and infections and similar conditions) and neurologic testing to determine the reasons for your arm symptoms would be helpful.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just 1 last question? could panic/anxiety attacks be causing this?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just one last question, could pain/anxiety attacks have any influence on these pains?
Sure. Anxiety can always make symptoms feel worse, and can often be seen to be the cause of symptoms as well, such as chest discomfort and tingling in the extremities.

Of course, if you have these symptoms even when you are relaxed, lying at home, for example, then further evaluation should be done.
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