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I had four ankle surgery first tendon repair, then

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I had four ankle surgery first tendon repair, then hemorrhage, close up, then staph infection, wound healed, vain hemorrhage, fix, then artificial skin graft. Now heel has tear, doing PT, arch near wound is like a knife when walking have lump on other side of the same foot. Told it the way I walk. Bone infection ruled out, just have tear. Done by DPM, went to Orthopedic recommend pain management but ankle is not right, the ankle wear wound was sweats and was told by two doctors it my tendons, and nerves My foot is now worst after the surgery when I walk every day I feel I have a knife in my foot. The only thing left is to get the rough scare on my wound to normal so I can wear a shoe. Two doctors don't know.
I feel for your situation--sounds like you've been through alot and are in a lot of pain. So do I understand you correctly that you have an open sore/tear which is separate from your other pain/scar--Can you tell me again about the tear? Is this a newer problem in addition to the area where the surgery was and/or painful scar location? Is the skin shiny or thin in the area? Are there any color or temperature changes to the skin? Do you have any other medical problems? Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Relist: No answer yet.
I did send an reply yesterday and waiting for your answer.
Sorry--if you sent a reply yesterday I did not recieve anything--still awaiting your response Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No to HBP,No sugar prob. good, tear was repair, hemorrhage that night, stitches remove, then two weeks after put back in cast on to give foot rest. Got infection and wound, then vain hemorrhage had surgery to repair, then Jan. last skin graft done. MRI shows a tear in the heel, no bone infection, scar is rough, dry and bleeds alot. Lactic acid don't help. Ankle and around scar sweats don't know why. Second Dr. recommends pain mang. with pills for the rest of my life. PT, then cast for the tear for two weeks. Then surgery again. I say no, cannot walk on foot, like a constant knife in foot. So I stop all treatment and in pain all day. Take vicodine for pain. Skin is still dry after lactic acid 10% scar is pink at times, no temp. change. Will not wear any shoes with sides bother the scar. I did reply yesterday sorry.
Mrs. Zoda
I don't suppose you have the MRI results? I'm a little unclear still on the "tear" in your heel--is this a tear in the skin, or an internal type tear of ligament/ tendon/ capsule, etc? if so do you know which one/s? It sounds like you have these 2 separate problems both of which may be contributing to your pain--IF you don't have this info-let me know, and I'll do my best w/ some advice--Thanks again
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
MRI says no bone infection and the tear which is new is called plantar fascilitis is torn in Dec. In Oct. Tarsal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapment and plantar fascilitis on the lower extremity. Then I hemorrhage that evening and stitches were removed.Oct 29 Open wound, complicate, wound dehiscence cast put on. Then staff infection 3 days later. Jan. Debridement of chronic open wound and graft done.
So as it stands today, I have a long tear in the heal called plantar fascilitis left side of foot also has lump which I was told it is torn too.

Ok-- well Plantar Fasciitis is generally a self-limiting problem--In other words even if you did nothing the problem will generally go away on its own eventually, but it sometimes is quite painful and can be very chronic--lasting from weeks to yrs even sometimes--people do often get sharp stabbing pains from this in the ball of the heel --often in the first steps in AM or after sitting and then standing up again. This treatment can include many different things--most importantly are arch supports ( many different kinds), calf stretching and avoidance of barefoot walking--When these measures fail--cortisone injections as well, night splints and even cast immobilization are often effective treatments--

With regards ***** ***** other problem--It sounds as though you may be dealing with either some type of nerve pain--either in regards ***** ***** initial problem or possibly secondary to scar formation from surgery or even without scar formation/ nerve entrapment from a process called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome--also know as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy--The latter of which is essentially a malfunction of the neurovascular system in the region of the surgery --leading to chronic pain, sometimes dyshydrosis ( excess sweating or dry skin), sometimes thin or shiny skin, temperature or color fluctuations. This type of problem can be quite severe and lead to disuse and other problems--Aggressive and early physical therapy and pain management are key. Sometimes other, more advanced forms of treatment are avail--sometimes done by anesthesiologist/ chronic pain management specialists, etc ie regional nerve blocks, and even specific destruction of a nerve to eliminate the pain. So there are options, further treatments out there, and you shouldn't give up just yet. If you found this information helpful--Please click on the accept button so I can get credit for my response--Thanks and good luck!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks so much doctor I heard of nerve blocks, before, and I give that a try. What turn out to be something so minor became a real problem, thanks in regards ***** ***** cortisone injections too. You know it the little things in life like walking becomes so difficult.

Thanks again.
Mrs. Zoda
You're welcome--keep at it and good luck!